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New report predicts 48% rise in organic cotton production in 2020-21


Textile Exchange’s 2021 Organic Cotton Market Report predicts production of organic cotton will rise 48 per cent in 2020-21. Most of this growth will stem predominantly from India and Turkey. Growth in Indian market is likely to be spurred by increased demand making organic cotton a more attractive option for farmers. It will further lead to existing producers dedicating a larger share of their certified organic land to growing cotton versus other crops. The growth in Turkey will be spurred by the entry of many new players in the market. In Turkey, increased demand is also the main driver, but the growth is more a result of new producers starting up organic cotton production.

As per the report, the largest volume of organic cotton fiber was harvested globally in 2019-20. In total, 229,280 farmers grew 249,153 ton of organic cotton fiber on 588,425 hectare of certified organic land in 21 countries. Fiber volume grew 4 per cent during the year, representing fourth consecutive annual increase in production of organic cotton. The crop accounted for almost one percent of the global cotton harvest that season.