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US hosts Textile Exchange Conference


Textile Exchange Conference was held in the US, November 14 to 18, 2022.

The event focused on delivering beneficial outcomes for soil health, water, and biodiversity and aimed at mapping out a pathway to positive impact, which included reducing the textile industry’s emissions enough to help limit global warming.

The three-day event offered many key takeaways for participants to consider regarding the future of the textile industry. There were discussions on how brands can prioritise biodiversity beyond the sourcing gate and ensure due diligence in supply chains as climate, nature, and community can no longer be seen through separate lenses.

Data was recognised as a powerful ally for guiding decisions but was hardly a substitute for going out and seeing what was happening on the ground.Sessions at the conference explored how policy and non-financial disclosure can regulate the industry but defining what these systems should look like would require input from stakeholders across the sector. It was noted that the goal of full transparency requires the buy-in and cooperation from all players in the supply chain, and attention should be paid to ensure that no one is harmed or put at a disadvantage by disclosure.

Climate change was recognised as a business risk.


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