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US apparel industry opposes tariffs

The apparel industry in the US supports maintaining strong trading ties with China and voices opposition to the escalating tariffs by the US. For instance, China remains a top supplier to the US. More than 40 per cent of all apparel, 72 per cent of all footwear, and 84 per cent of all accessories imported to the US comes from China. This support for strong and uninterrupted US-China business and trade relationships is a result of the supply chains the US has built up with China. The feeling is that any disruption of this is not good for business -- not good for business in America, not good for business in China. The Asian giant is seen as having a positive impact on sustainability, quality control, workers’ rights and product safety.

The opinion is that tariffs are damaging the very industry they are meant to protect, causing trouble for the US economy and causing trouble globally. Retail in America is already reeling and the trade war may deliver the coup de grace. In 2017, the US had more bankruptcies than in the financial crisis of 2008. In 2018, 100 million square foot of retail space was lost, and in the first quarter of 2019, the US more announced store closings than in all of 2018.