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Technology aids apparel manufacturing and retail

Tech is revolutionizing how apparel is made, sold, and worn. Shoppers expect their in-store experiences to be just as seamless as online shopping, which places significant pressure on retailers to deliver.

Augmented reality mirrors are changing the way consumers try on clothes. A person can stand in the mirror and get to see what the apparel is going to look like. Not only does this save time and help them to visualize the fashion, it eliminates the need to try on clothing that hasn’t been cleaned or has been tried on by many people.

Retail workers with access to options such as enterprise mobile computers, tablets, and RFID tags can better move customers through a sale. Much like consumers would use their phones to glean product information or availability prior to visiting a store, store associates equipped with enterprise mobile computers and tablets can instantly access product information, inventory data and more — allowing them to provide customers with a higher level of service on the sales floor without leaving their side.

A smart shoe paired with an app to adjust for fit can remember, via a paired app, how tight or loose a person prefers their footwear — not just one setting, but in different situations like warm-ups, gameplay and while resting on the bench.