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Taiwan offers textile innovations

Taiwan’s textile industry has for many years supplied innovative solutions to many of the world’s leading sports and outdoor brands. Every major brand in the world depends on Taiwan for leadership in textile development, innovation and quality. As one of the leaders in chemical fiber, Taiwan has developed various functional and eco-friendly textiles for the global market, thereby being recognized as an international sourcing hub. After more than 60 years of development Taiwan's textile industry has evolved from a mass production textile supplier to a textile innovator equipped with a comprehensive yet integrated value chain.

While traditional textiles still have an important share in Taiwan’s textile output, the extraordinary performance achieved by local enterprises in the field of eco and multifunctional textiles has redefined Taiwan’s status in the global textile market place.

The Taiwanese textile industry has developed environmentally-friendly concepts and done recycled polymer and polymer blends. From yarns for apparel to industrial and sport accessories, recycled yarns are growing in importance and are a core part of Taiwan’s textile industry. Mixtures of new technologies and fashion allow new design elements that were hard to imagine in the past. Polymer based yarn developments in polyester, nylon, recycled and blended with natural fibers lead the way.