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Retail footfalls in Europe drop 26-40 per cent in 2020: Report


Retail footfalls in major European countries declined in the range of 26 per cent to 40 per cent in 2020 on account of recurrent national and regional lockdowns, says a study by retail intelligence specialist TC Group. Based on data gathered between 9 a.m. and 9.30 p.m. daily on passers-by taller than 120 cm, the study showed a degree of disparity between countries.

For instance, consumer footfalls in UK’s main commercial high streets declined just 26.4 per cent or 3,225 people per day. The UK managed to stem the decrease in footfall by easing lockdown restrictions roughly in parallel with periods when footfall normally tends to increase, such as June-July and October-December. The worst result was recorded by Portugal, which witnessed a 40 per cent slump in footfall, equivalent to 2,245 people per day. Germany too was badly affected with footfalls on commercial streets falling by 38 per cent and in-store visits declining by 46.8 per cent, on average 217 people per day.

In Italy, high-street footfall fell by 31 per cent with the number of in-store visits decreasing by 40 per cent. In Portugal, pedestrian traffic fell by 30 per cent while in-store visits decreased by 41.3 per cent. France managed to limit its footfall decrease to 28.2 per cent while the number of in-store visits in the country plummeted, by 49.1 per cent, on average 334 people per day in the year.

Spain fared a little better, with high-street footfall falling by only 27.9 per cent while the number of in-store visits fell by 37.5 per cent at peak times.