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Planet Textiles event to debate on deforestation and climate change

Planet Textiles will be held in Canada on May 22. The event will focus on deforestation where key industry figures look at the challenges facing the man-made cellulosic textile sector in terms of forestry management, climate change and biodiversity.

The major aim of the event is to share new environmental innovations and business models, and to show how new technologies and financial innovations can increase collaboration and transparency in the industry. Sessions will be conducted on financial models and mechanisms, real-world examples and original case studies of textile companies that have already managed to scale up sustainability, how they have successfully applied new investment to grow and what true investment costs actually look like.

Canada is home to 10 per cent of the world’s forested land. Over 120 million trees a year are logged for use in clothing made from fibers such as viscose and lyocell. Many of these garments are made from wood sourced in endangered forests, creating a huge threat to critical eco-systems, habitats and planetary biodiversity.

One of the main aims of the event is to provide actionable ideas that can be taken and implemented within respective companies. This will include what the next steps should be and how brands can tackle this issue more effectively by selecting the right partners.