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New knitting machine for shoe uppers from Italy’s Cesare Colosio

Italy-based sock knitting machine manufacturer Cesare Colosio has introduced a knitting machine for producing shoe uppers. The S1+ is a circular knitting machine. It accelerates performance with unprecedented results - a shoe upper can be produced every five to seven minutes. It enables the production of uppers for any kind of application, from technical sports shoes to fashion footwear for leisure time.

The machine allows the manufacture of shoe uppers formed of independent zones, each composed of one or more yarns with different elastic properties, mechanical resistance and performance, according to the desired final effect. This enables endless designs and color combinations, without producing any waste. The system reduces consumption and enhances production.

In addition to speed, flexibility and zero waste, the new technology offers other important strengths. The resultant supply chain is streamlined, with consequent cost reductions. The operator can easily create three-dimensional areas and eyelets for the laces, which will form a whole with the upper, directly on the machine during the upper production. The S1+ guarantees quality, reliability and maximum simplicity in use, thus allowing optimization of production times and costs. The knitting machine was developed to meet the growing demand for sports and fashion shoes with knitted uppers.