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Levi Strauss women’s denim business sees good growth

Levi Strauss’ women’s business has grown 18 per cent. This has been the 15th consecutive quarter of growth in women’s with the last nine quarters being double-digit. As of now the women’s category sales represent about 30 per cent of Levi Strauss’ total sales.

US-based Levi Strauss is best known for men’s blue jeans. The underlying trend could well sustain growth for years to come as well, as more women - especially younger consumers are constantly eyeing fashion trends choose denim products. Jeans targeted at curvier women are a key selling item for Levi’s specifically and have spurred the rapid growth of the segment in the US and Mexico. That extends beyond jeans as jackets and tops are key items flying off shelves.

The global denim market is growing at a CAGR of 5.8 per cent. Denim jackets are the new power dressing. Celebrity acceptance of this fashion choice and adoption in fashion shows are an indicator that they can provide growth for manufacturers beyond traditional jeans sales. Jeans have always offered form, fashion, and function but now they are offering the comfort today’s consumers want. It’s a win-win for consumers, jeans manufacturers, and retailers.