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Lectra acquires stake in Textile Genesis


Lectra is acquiring a stake in the Dutch company Textile Genesis. A major player in the fashion, automotive, and furniture markets, Lectra provides software, equipment, data, and services to brands, manufacturers, and retailers.

Founded in 2018, TextileGenesis provides a software as a service platform that enables fashion brands and sustainable textile manufacturers to ensure a reliable, secure and fully digital mapping of their textiles, from the fiber to the consumer, and thereby guarantee their authenticity and origins.

This solution ensures the traceability of TextileGenesis’ customers' entire sustainable textile supply chain in order to meet the demands for transparency, driven by changes in legislation in a growing number of countries and by growing consumer awareness. Its innovative traceability mechanism, which addresses both ends of the textile value chain, as well as its network of partners for material certification, and its technology platform guarantee the exchange and tracking of reliable and secure data throughout a material's life cycle.

Several of the world's most prestigious fashion brands as well as leading sustainable fiber producers are users of TextileGenesis and this enables the connection of multiple actors of the sustainable fashion ecosystem on this platform.Lectra will join forces with Textile Genesis to accelerate the development of its sustainable material traceability solution.


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