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Iran textile exports up six per cent

The value of Iran’s textile exports rose six per cent during the year. The weight of the country’s textile exports rose 26 per cent. Iranian textile manufacturers’ imports of textile raw materials fell 32 per cent in terms of value and 35 per cent in terms of weight.

The value of non-oil trade during the first month of this Iranian calendar year fell 13.5 per cent compared to that of the same month of the past year. Iran’s exports of non-oil commodities during the first month grew 7.66 per cent in weight but fell 18.25 per cent in value compared to the first month of the previous year. Monthly non-oil imports were up 7.75 per cent in weight but down 7.65 per cent in value year on year. The value of Iran’s trade with neighboring countries in the past Iranian calendar year was about 41 per cent of the country’s total non-oil trade in the mentioned time span.

Iran shares a border with 15 countries, the United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Turkey, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Russia, Oman, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Kuwait, Qatar, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia. The country plans to launch 15 mega export projects to identify more target markets.