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Indonesia hikes imports of Brazilian cotton


Brazil will supply reliable, sustainable, traceable and high-quality cotton to Indonesia.

Indonesia is the sixth largest importer of Brazilian cotton in the world. During the 2021-2022 harvest season, Brazilian farms supplied 155,000 tons of cotton to Indonesia. Brazilian cotton has a 28 per cent share in Indonesia's cotton imports. The percentage is expected to increase, with cooperation strengthened by the abundance of high-quality Brazilian cotton.

Asian countries like Indonesia need imported cotton to make up for the shortfall in domestic supply. The surge in demand for imported high-quality cotton has paved the way for a resurgent Brazil’s cementing its position as the world's fourth largest producer and the second largest exporter of cotton. Brazil is making use of the latest agricultural technologies to reduce the harmful environmental impacts caused by previous unsustainable cotton farming practices. So the country is focused on creating a sustainable cotton industry without sacrificing quality and demand.

In the last four years, Brazil's cotton production has more than doubled. This has been achieved by the use of advanced agricultural technologies and the adoption of non-irrigated agricultural practices in over 90 per cent of Brazil’s cotton farms. In 2022 Brazilian cotton harvest is expected to increase 15 per cent compared to last year.


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