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Indian manufacturers should focus on smaller orders, say experts


Industry insiders and industry watchers strongly believe Indian manufacturers, especially small and medium-size, should focus on small/emerging buyers or buyers having small orders and high stock keeping capabilities, as they are not preferred by other apparel exporting countries. Such buyers wish also to source more from India, mostly because of flexibility in order sizes and production capabilities.

As per Apparel Resources, there are thousands of buyers who source less than $1 million annually from India. There is also a segment of retailers that have their liaison offices in India but their sourcing from India is only around $1 million or even less on an annual evaluation. A case in point is Netherlands-based The Sting Company, known for its men and women products, which owns around 160 stores with a turnover of €400 million but its sourcing from India is just Rs 50 crore. Indian MSMEs should tap such companies regularly as they provide good round-the-year business for small manufacturers, say experts.