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India: Polyester yarn manufacturer Filatex augments capacity

Filatex will augment yarn manufacturing and polymerisation capacity at its plants in Dadra and Dahej units from 3.28 lakh MT per annum to 3.65 lakh MT by next year.
The polyester yarn manufacturer, based in New Delhi, will also set up a captive power plant to reduce energy costs. The company, which exports manmade yarn to 34 countries, also plans a fabric plant to make fabrics from the yarn it produces. The yarn is used to manufacture carpets, rugs, tapes, ribbons and zippers. The company makes polypropylene multifilament yarn in dope dyed colors, which is widely used in all types of socks, hosiery, panty hoses and seamless garments.

Filatex is a pioneer in monofilament yarns for zippers, toothbrush bristles, velcro, magic fasteners and forming fabrics in India. FIL manufactures specialty polyester filament yarns, which have a high value addition as compared to normal denier synthetic yarns. One of the specialty yarns which Filatex manufactures is micro denier polyester filament yarn. This is an import substitute and its demand is growing at a very rapid pace because of its inherent strengths. These specialty yarns are used for high value added fabrics like artificial silk which are used for manufacturing high quality saris, dress materials, shirtings and other textile applications.