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Huntsman develops performance program

Huntsman Textile Effects’ High IQ performance assurance program helps mills, brands and retailers meet demand for garments with durable moisture management and produce high-performance textiles with built-in sun protection, freshness, friction protection and water repellence, in bright whites and color that lasts.

The program allows garments to breathe, while transporting moisture away from the body. This ensures consumers can stay cool, dry and fresh throughout. The program is built on the industry’s broadest and most advanced moisture management agents to deliver durable, long-lasting performance. The unique technology supports accelerated evaporation, ensuring garments dry quickly for long-lasting comfort. Unique quick-dry properties created by the natural microclimate of the garment help reduce post-exercise chill, making the effects highly suitable for sports and active wear.

As consumers around the world adopt more active lifestyles and outdoor activities, the need for cool, dry and comfortable sports and athleisure wear is on an upward trend.

Huntsman Textile Effects is a leader in intelligent effects. The technology that drives the High IQ Cool Comfort program complies with the requirements of bluesign for safe and sustainable textile production. Fabrics produced with High IQ Cool Comfort are suitable for Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex certified textile products.