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FW goes circular through repair

The circular economy is helping brands hit their environmental and economic targets and succeed in today’s marketplace.Outdoor clothing brand FW’s new range of clothes has been designed to help put an end to throwaway consumerism, emphasizing durable, high-quality construction and materials to ensure the garments last and last. By repairing every garment it can, FW is selling clothes that could be worn for life. This is an important move away from the usual practice of simply disposing of clothes when they become damaged. Through a dedicated service designed to make clothes last longer, customers will have the option of having garments repaired for free within a warranty period. Repairs will still be available to customers at a low cost beyond the warranty period.

A repair service is one of several models companies may integrate into their business to create more value and profit, while reducing their environmental impact. Repairing products helps to keep them in use for longer and builds loyalty with the customer. Several market players across the fashion sector illustrate the competitive advantage of circular business models, which can help build not just a more sustainable business but customer loyalty too. People are waking up to the impacts of their shopping habits and increasingly demanding more sustainable options from brands.