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Comsat equips Tecmat sectional wrapping machine with EltexEyETM

Comsat is equipping its latest Tecmat sectional warping machine for weaving preparation with the new EltexEyETM yarn tension monitoring system.

Comsat equips Tecmat sectional wrapping machine EltexEyETM

Unlike yarn tension monitors that are fitted solely on the weft insertion systems of weaving machines, the new Eltex technology is for the warping process prior to weaving – and instead of monitoring only the tension of the six-to-eight yarns fed by the weft insertion system the EltexEyETM keeps a close eye on literally hundreds.

Comsat equips Tecmat sectional wrapping machine

With warping that can operate at high speeds, the yarn tension values from all yarns are continuously updated and displayed on the screen. Tension values outside the warning level are indicated both on the sensor’s LEDs and on the screen. This greatly increases yarn evenness and subsequently the woven fabric quality. In addition to being fitted on our latest Tecmat machine, the EltexEyETM can also be retrofitted to existing comsat machines already in operation.