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China leads textile chemical consumption

China is the largest consumer of textile chemicals owing to the growing apparel and textile production and the huge production of synthetic fibers and cotton. The Asia Pacific is growing at 5.1 per cent. Textile production and chemical consumption have shifted from North America to Asia.

Textile chemicals are specialty chemicals used in the textile industry for a variety of purposes such as coloring, dyeing, and finishing. These chemicals find applications in various divisions of the textile sector that include home furnishing, industrial, and others. Owing to the changing trends in fashion technology, coupled with the growth of the apparel section of the textile industry, the critical application of textile chemicals is found to be in apparels. Consistent advances in the textile chemical market owing to innovative efforts have enhanced the efficiency of textile chemicals.

The market for textile chemicals is influenced by the rising demand for home furnishing products, the evolution of environmentally friendly chemicals required by textiles industries, and the development of packaging industries, which require large textile chemicals. In textiles, industry surfactant is used for processes such as scouring, lubrication, and dyeing and finishing. Some common surfactants are ethoxylates, fatty alcohol ethoxylate, fatty acid ethoxylate, and fatty amines ethoxylate.