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Buyers want Berlin Fashion Week rejigged


Brands feel the format of the Berlin Fashion Week needs to move forward. They would like to see more investment and rethinking. First and foremost, they would like to see designers integrated into the planning of the event since Berlin is a creative melting pot and designers could come up with a lot of ideas that would benefit everyone.

Berlin has always had the desire to be noticed and to dance along on the international fashion parquet but that remains a considerable challenge. Brands do not see a direct effect on business from the runway presentations. For many of them, the cooperation is primarily about getting their clothes out there in real time. So they say the show doesn't do them any good anymore from a wholesale or order point of view since the buying round has long since been completed. So the concept works well for already established labels with a stable customer network but not for most of the designers at Fashion Week in Berlin, especially the up-and-coming ones.

Exhibitors like the freedom Berlin gives them but many have decided to show their collection in Paris as well. One of her reasons, probably the decisive one, is that there are more buyers in Paris, especially international buyers.


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