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Bonas to show offerings at Itma

Bonas will be present at Itma, Spain, June 20 to 26, 2019. A total of 10 jacquards will be operating on advanced weaving machines throughout the show. A multitude of colors in both warp and weft can be expertly intertwined to produce top quality flat woven carpet, as will be demonstrated by a Bonas Si21 on top of an Itema R9500-2 rapier machine.

Bonas supplies shedding systems to both the flat weaving and carpet weaving industries worldwide. Another Si21 on top of a Picanol Optimaxrapier will prove the smooth and low vibration running of this 21,504 hook jacquard at high speeds. Both jacquards are driven by the revolutionary smart drive, directly mounted to the loom and eliminating the need for a gear box. Total flexibility in both warp and weft is no longer a dream with the end-to-end control that Bonas will show with the successful Ji5 on a 190cm Smit ONE, without a warp beam. This provides total flexibility in weft and warp yarn composition, raw material and thickness. Difficult yarns in weft and simple yarns in warp without compromising on creativity allow the customer to always run at full speed without warp breakages or tension problems. Individual warp end control gives free rein to creativity.