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Bata to make India a sourcing hub


Bata is making steady progress toward transforming India into a sourcing hub for exports in the coming years. The move is meant to align with the footwear giant’s post-pandemic strategy wherein manufacturing and designing hubs would be set up across key regional landscapes, including Latin America, to cater to its global network.

The move is expected to be beneficial for the company in expanding its global sourcing abilities. The strategy would play a key role in combining countries like India, Indonesia, and Bangladesh as key sourcing hubs for the future, alongside China which is currently functioning as the primary hub for global exports.

In order to successfully establish a firm sourcing hub, Bata is directing its resources toward introducing a common product line, and best-in-class vendors, along with a stable logistical strategy for shipping, transit, and pricing structures. Bata’s floats range of casual footwear has been a huge success in India, owing to its breakthrough design. Currently the team is working toward providing relevant lines, sizes, and stocks across the world. Leading up to the Covid pandemic, India was only an ad hoc sourcing hub. However, with proper scaling and scheduling, the company expects to make it a well-known procurement area by the middle of 2023.


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