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Baldwin introduces new fabric finisher

Texcoat G4 is Baldwin Technology’s new precision application system for fabric finishing. This confers major benefits in terms of resource efficiency and sustainable production. The system enables a continuously high quality and productive textile finishing process with zero chemistry waste and drastically reduced water and energy consumption. The innovation drastically improves both the process and product quality, while saving time, valuable resources and contributing to a sustainable future. The non-contact spray technology brings numerous advantages compared to conventional methods of applying finishing chemistry. The chemistry is uniformly distributed across the textile surface and is applied only where it is required – on one or both sides of the fabric. This is highly beneficial when applying water repellants on laminated fabrics, as it eliminates the problem of chemistry affecting the quality of the adhesion layer. Further, the non-contact technology eliminates chemistry dilution in wet-on-wet processes, allowing full control of maintaining consistent chemistry coverage rates. Additionally, with no bath contamination during the finishing process, there is zero downtime during color or fabric changeovers.

The TexCoat G4 can process a wide range of low-viscosity water-based chemicals, such as water-repellants, softeners, anti-microbials and more, in wet-on-wet applications and lamination processes. Additionally, the system is completely sealed, encapsulating all aerosols and thereby securing a healthy working environment for the operator.