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Adidas launches recyclable hoodie and tennis dress

Adidas has launched two sustainable high-performance wear prototypes in collaboration with designer Stella McCartney. The first piece is a 100 per cent recyclable hoodie, made of garment waste, 60 per cent NuCycl and 40 per cent organic cotton diverted from landfills. The process involves transforming old, discarded clothing into raw materials used to create new, premium-quality clothing. Because of the product’s sustainable engineering, the hoodie are fully recyclable and can be remade into new high-performance apparel. The second product is a tennis dress made from cellulose blended yarn and a protein-based material comprised of renewable ingredients such as water, sugar, and yeast. The dress is completely biodegradable.

McCartney has a long history of using sustainable materials. She has been partnering with Adidas since 2005. Last year, the two partnered for a women’s active wear line made entirely of recyclable materials. Specifically, Adidas used plastic found in oceans and organic cotton to manufacture the clothes in the line.

Stalling research for alternative, sustainable materials is no longer an option. With Adidas taking major steps to champion sustainability, it may encourage more popular brand names to do the same. Regardless, what Adidas has shown is that it is possible to create sustainable apparel without compromising on style.