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Rising Transparency: A sharp increase in AGT’s list of compliant …

Rising Transparency: A sharp increase in AGT’s list of compliant companies

"As per The Dutch Agreement on Sustainable Garments and Textile (AGT), currently there are 4,268 production sites in India where participating companies produced goods in the past year. This sharp rise in the number of production sites is a result of more companies signing up the Agreement, as well as them gaining insi... Read more

Lenzing carves a new sustainability chapter with Veocel in nonwov…

Lenzing carves a new sustainability chapter with Veocel in nonwovens

"The Lenzing Group introduces Veocel, the company’s new nonwoven specialty brand. Positioned as a premium brand of nonwoven fibres for daily care rituals, Veocel provides the nonwoven industry with fibers that are certified clean and safe, biodegradable, from botanic origin and produced in an environmentally resp... Read more

REI comes up with stringent sustainability norms for suppliers

REI comes up with stringent sustainability norms for suppliers

"With growing eco-landscape, retail giant REI has come up with a new set of sustainability standards, which will apply to 1,000-plus outdoor brands it sells currently, and the ones it will sell in the future. With immediate effect, companies will need to abide by the code of conduct, pledging to uphold environmental an... Read more

Style at a Cost: Deforestation, environment damage a price we pay…

Style at a Cost: Deforestation, environment damage a price we pay for fashion

"Garments, traditionally made from animal furs, are increasingly being replaced by synthetic materials, causing large scale deforestation. For instance, a wool sweater, earlier made from animal hair, is now being made from cotton or nylon yarn. Coats are being stuffed with goose down or synthetic insulation depending o... Read more

Global T&A industry needs to up its sustainability performanc…

Global T&A industry needs to up its sustainability performance

"The ‘Pulse of the Fashion Industry’ report by Copenhagen-based Global Fashion Agenda (GFA) in partnership with Boston Consulting Group (BCG), reveals that textile/apparel is the world’s second most polluting industry after oil, and has ample room for improving its sustainability performance. The text... Read more

Spotlight on post-consumer recycled denim at Denim Première Visio…

Spotlight on post-consumer recycled denim at Denim Première Vision

"The recent edition of Denim Première Vision brought to fore many developments in the denim sector. Global companies such as Bossa, Kilim and Berto presented fabrics made with fiber from post-consumer recycled denim. A panel discussion was devoted to the developments in post-consumer recycled denim (PCRD) and be... Read more

Focus on Sustainability: France plans to ban discarding unsold cl…

Focus on Sustainability: France plans to ban discarding unsold clothing

"As per the European Clothing Action Plan, Europeans consumed over 6.4 million ton of clothing in 2017. France alone discards 600,000 ton of clothing and accessories per year, reveals a case study by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, of which only a quarter is collected in recycling bins or charity shops. Under the count... Read more

Sustainability enters mainstream with new age designers

Sustainability enters mainstream with new age designers

"Textile industry has gained pole position of polluting the environment, which is only after oil industry. A recent report by Yale Environment 360, testifies that in the US alone, people dispose off about 12.8 million ton of textiles annually — 80 pounds for each man, woman and child. India is one of the largest ... Read more

Fast Fashion needs fast action

Fast Fashion needs fast action

"Fashion is responsible for 92 million tons of solid waste dumped in landfills each year. The fashion industry is also the second biggest consumer of water, producing 20 per cent of wastewater while also generating more greenhouse gas emissions than all international flights and maritime shipping combined. The equivale... Read more

Growing consumer awareness giving rise to sustainable clothing pr…

Growing consumer awareness giving rise to sustainable clothing practices: CCI

"Bruce Atherley, Executive Director, Cotton Council International (CCI) recently said disposable, fast fashion has made a big contribution to the rise of synthetic, man-made fibres that are cheap to manufacture, though not easily recycled, leaving a damaging footprint on the environment. Unfortunately, scientific resea... Read more

Sustainable Fashion Blueprint Report 2018 offers framework

Sustainable Fashion Blueprint Report 2018 offers framework

"A new 56-page report entitled ‘Sustainable Fashion Blueprint Report 2018’ reviews the state of the industry, analysing the sustainability initiatives currently being implemented, and offers a framework that fashion businesses can follow in their efforts to reduce their negative environmental and social imp... Read more

6th Copenhagen Fashion Summit stresses on making fashion green

6th Copenhagen Fashion Summit stresses on making fashion green

"Numerous speeches and discussions enabled audiences to gain valuable perspective and insight on issues related to sustainability and more. Eco-pioneer Stella McCartney spoke about her own journey towards developing an eco-friendly approach, emphasizing the lack of support from the rest of the industry. Entrepreneur an... Read more

Environment activists call out Levi’s as a major polluter

Environment activists call out Levi’s as a major polluter

"In a new report, ‘Too Deadly To Wear: Levi’s Pollution, the Booming Fashion Industry and Its Role in Deaths from Air Pollution and Climate Change,’ calls out the fashion industry in general and Levi Strauss, in particular, as having an outsized role in the deadly impact of climate change ... Read more

Life cycle assessment (LCA) to guide companies towards sustainabi…

Life cycle assessment (LCA) to guide companies towards sustainability

"While sustainability rankings have gained prominence however, one doesn’t really know the authenticity of these reports and on what basis assessment are done. Sustainability assessment is complex, especially where the value chain is long and products are diverse. Rules to ensure a ‘level playing field&rsqu... Read more

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UN proposes to shift textile production to biogradable textiles

A new United Nations initiative that aims to make forests more fashionable has proposed that te... Read more

China and EU move toward circular economy

China and the European Union (EU) have signed a MoU on circular economy. This implies reducing ... Read more

Worn Again comes up with breakthrough polymer recycling technology

Research institute Worn Again Technologies has successfully reached its investment target of &p... Read more

Ternua, Archroma team up to create capsule collection of recycled tees

Archroma, a global leader in color and specialty chemicals towards sustainable solutions has co... Read more

Bangladesh apparel factories get cleaner

Bangladesh is home to some of the world’s most environment-friendly apparel factories. Th... Read more

China’s Consinee build advanced green manufacturing chain base

Consinee, founded in 1999, is China's largest spinner and exporter of cashmere yarn. Out of eve... Read more

H&M Group praised by Greenpeace

Greenpeace has praised Inditex, Benetton and H&M for leading the industry towards a toxic-f... Read more

Chinese become conscious about apparel waste

Shoppers in China are encouraged to buy items that will contribute to sustainable lifestyles. W... Read more

Wrangler joins various eco initiatives

As an apparel manufacturer, Wrangler wants to improve the environmental performance of its prod... Read more

Monforts offers Eco Line for denim finishing

Monforts supplies finishing range for the denim industry. Monforts’ Eco Line for denim is... Read more

Premium and Seek exhibitors showcase eco awareness

Many of the exhibitors at trade shows Premium and Seek held from July 3 to 5 were clearly inspi... Read more

Progress seen in supply chain cleansing of global brands

The fashion industry has made progress toward purging its supply chain of hazardous chemicals. ... Read more

ARD focusing on improving denim’s image

Alliance for Responsible Denim (ARD) is taking steps to make the denim industry more sustainabl... Read more

Polartec launches upgraded Polartec Power Fill insulation

Leading provider of innovative textile solutions, Polartec has introduced upgraded version of P... Read more

ZDHC see a few new entrants including the Nahar Group

Some more organizations have joined the Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals program. Among th... Read more

Responsible Fashion Summit debates global fashion industry

The theme for the Responsible Fashion Summit was Earth Sensitive, with nearly every stakeholder... Read more

Indi- Netherlands team up to promote sustainability

Indian-Dutch partner organisations are working toward the goal of sustainable and inclusive dec... Read more

Isko focusrd on sustainability in all its mills

Isko has a production capacity of 250 million meters of fabric a year and works with high stree... Read more

Earth Alive launches hemp and cotton clean fiber initiative

Earth Alive Clean Technologies a leading Canadian Clean-Tech company, developer and manufacture... Read more

Euratex to promote sustainability of EU textile and clothing productions

Euratex, the European Textile and Apparel Confederation, has drafted certain recommendations to... Read more

Vietnam to introduce HIGG index in textile and garment industry

In order to build a sustainable brand for Vietnamese textiles, the Vietnam Textile and Apparel ... Read more

Forum for the Future launches online guide for sustainable cotton

Forum for the Future, along with several industry partners which form the Cotton 2040 coalition... Read more

Singtex makes sustainable bio-based nylon fabrics from coffee grounds

Singtex introduced S.Café yarn technology in 2009. Through the S.Café producing p... Read more

Safeguard measures for air quality monitoring implemented

The Suzhou Meteorological Observatory and the Suzhou City Environmental Monitoring Center have ... Read more

Milano Unica’s Sustainability Area generates interest

Milano Unica is exploring innovation, quality and a new vision for the future by creating a res... Read more

Earth Alive launches initiative to improve natural fiber production

Earth Alive Clean Technologies, a leading Canadian clean-tech company, developer and manufactur... Read more

Recycling turning a popular business model among big brands

Companies are, with an ever-increasing frequency, moving into the recommerce marketplace. Addin... Read more

Brandix, GBCSL organise environment awareness campaign

Green Building Council of Sri Lanka (GBCSL) with support from Brandix, organised a week-long en... Read more

Simply Be launches new range of sustainable jeans

Simply Be has become the first UK retailer to launch new jeans made from a blend of cotton and ... Read more

C&A Foundation to invest $1.5 million for circular fashion initiatives

The C&A Foundation has announced $1.5 million to fund five circular fashion initiatives wor... Read more

Two major brands contribute to circular economy

Two major brands – Guess and The North Face–are establishing programs to keep goods... Read more

Bangladesh to construct 300 green RMG factories

Commerce minister Tofail Ahmed says nearly 300 green readymade garment (RMG) factories are unde... Read more

New recycling method embraces the full cycle of apparel reuse

A new report suggests the environmental impact of an item's journey continues to go unnoticed a... Read more

Activewear harmful to environment, health

Despite consumer preferences, the activewear is now dominated by synthetics, research reveals t... Read more

M&S implements sustainable cotton plan

Marks & Spencer will source 100 per cent of its cotton from sustainable sources by 2019. Th... Read more

Japanese show TGV held at UN

TGC (Tokyo Girls Collection) was held at the United Nations on May 31, 2018. This is a fashion ... Read more

Roica spearheading the stretch market with innovative fabrics

Roica’s collection of superior functional fabrics is revolutionizing the premium stretch ... Read more

EOG charter gets new members

Outdoor Industries Association (OIA) and Outdoor Sports Valley (OSV) have adopted the sustainab... Read more

US Cotton task force sets sustainability goals

The Cotton USA Sustainability Task Force has established goals for improvements in key areas of... Read more

GFA urges brands to work on eliminating hazardous chemicals

Global Fashion Agenda (GFA) has called on brands to join collaborative initiatives to help them... Read more

Wear, Sabinna partner to develop biodegradable garments

Fashion-tech firm (Wear) and a forward-thinking fashion brand (Sabinna) have teamed up to trans... Read more

API and ICM develop textile solutions

API and ICM have announced joint development in innovative and sustainable technical fabrics. T... Read more

Southern India Mills Association to tie up with an external agency

Southern India Mills’ Association plans to tie-up with an external agency to ensure that ... Read more

Mounting problem of textile waste

The mounting problem of textile waste is beginning to be quantified in scientific research. Acr... Read more

New garment recycling process launched

WEAR - a fashion-tech firm and a fashion brand Sabinna have collaborated to launch a novel proc... Read more

German researchers to use insects to produce fabrics

German researchers based at the Fraunhofer Institute for Interfacial Engineering and Biotechnol... Read more

The North Face promotes circular fashion

Active wear brand The North Face has launched a pilot program that will promote a circular fash... Read more

South Indian mills to ensure environmental compliance

The Southern India Mills’ Association (SIMA) and Perundurai SIPCOT Textile Processors Ass... Read more

US states differ on polyester, microfiber legislation

The proposed polyester legislation from several US states in light of textile microfiber pollut... Read more

Marks & Spencer increasingly using sustainable cotton

Marks & Spencer has recently stated that for the first time with more than three quarters o... Read more

Focus on brand transparency at Kingpins Transformers

“Transparency isn’t new, but people want more information and this will become the ... Read more

Campaign highlights textile microfiber pollution

Hubbub has launched a campaign which is seeking to achieve the same kind of media exposure for ... Read more

Time to close the textile loop

The textile industry generates more harmful Co2 than the entire air and ship traffic as a whole... Read more

GOTS Seminar held in Coimbatore

GOTS India Seminar 2018 was organised by Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), in Le Meridien... Read more

Textile dye companies discuss concerns for the industry

A number of textile dye and chemical companies have signed an open letter to the Stichting ZDHC... Read more

Few North American takers for second hand garments

‘Savers’ released its third annual State of Reuse Report, which reveals that while ... Read more

Next decade predicted as the transformation period for fashion industry

To reduce human exposure to damaging chemicals, the clothing and textile industry will go throu... Read more