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Ethical fashion gains ground with growing awareness on socio-envi…

Ethical fashion gains ground with growing awareness on socio-environmental issues

"Young consumers today are concerned about social and environmental causes that are defining issues of our times. They support their beliefs by favoring brands aligned to their values. Studies indicate nine out of 10 GenZ consumers feel companies have a responsibility to address environmental and social issues. However... Read more

Intertextile Sanghai Apparel Fabrics 2019 to showcase innovative …

Intertextile Sanghai Apparel Fabrics 2019 to showcase innovative products

"The Spring edition of Intertextile Shanghai Apparel Fabrics will be attended by over 3,000 exhibitors from over 20 countries and regions. The event, to be held from March 12-14, 2019 will span a huge range of textile product categories, from fashion to technical innovation. The event will have comprehensive product zo... Read more

Brands add an altruistic dimension to their businesses

Brands add an altruistic dimension to their businesses

"Sustainability, the buzzword in consumer goods right now, is doubly important for the fashion industry. Lindsey Tramuta, in the February issue of Fortune, reveals the industry, in the last 15 years, has doubled its production, adding to the already sizable problem of clothing waste. As the Secondary Materials and Recy... Read more

Fashion industry adopts a three-fold approach to sustainability

Fashion industry adopts a three-fold approach to sustainability

"Textile dyeing is the second-largest polluter of clean water globally. Polyester microfibres add to the ever-growing volumes of plastic in the environment. As most garments are non-biodegradable, they present serious threats to our oceans and wastelands. Growing cotton increases the impact of toxic chemicals in agricu... Read more

The rise of eco-friendly and durable fast fashion in India

The rise of eco-friendly and durable fast fashion in India

"A Nielsen study conducted eight years ago showed that Indian consumers are becoming increasingly conscious of environment-friendly fashion practices. Groups like the Worker Diaries, that advocate the welfare of workers in the region and Fashion Revolution India, which pushes for sustainable and ethical practices in fa... Read more

Rise of the smart denim, solutions for design and sustainability

Rise of the smart denim, solutions for design and sustainability

"Designers today are equipped with the right mindset and tools to face the rapidly changing manufacturing and retail landscapes. In a panel discussion at Sourcing at Magic in Las Vegas recently, experts set out to further streamline some of the sector’s confusion. The panel titled, “Fashion Design Is All Ab... Read more

Ignoring their aesthetic appeal, brands focus on sustainable prod…

Ignoring their aesthetic appeal, brands focus on sustainable products

"Though fashion provides consumers with a mode of self-expression, a celebration of originality and fine craftsmanship, or a temporary pleasure, it is also one of the world’s most polluting and wasteful industries. As a recent report by Ellen MacArthur Foundation reveals, global textile production has more than d... Read more

Growing hazards of fast fashion from economy, to social and envir…

Growing hazards of fast fashion from economy, to social and environmental

"In a world of accelerating demand for apparel, consumers want -- and can also afford -- new clothes after wearing garments only a few times. Entire business models are built on the premise of fast fashion, providing clothes cheaply and quickly through shorter fashion cycles. However, this linear fashion model of buyin... Read more

CEO agenda launched at WEF meet, sets the roadmap for sustainable…

CEO agenda launched at WEF meet, sets the roadmap for sustainable fashion

"A new research from UNFCCC reveals, greenhouse gas emissions from textile production currently amount to 1.2 billion tons annually. This is more than the emissions of all international flights and maritime shipping combined. The fashion industry has increasingly been working on issues such as chemicals, circularity an... Read more

Brand, retailers to combat overproduction with innovative strateg…

Brand, retailers to combat overproduction with innovative strategies

"A report from retail software company ShareCloth reveals the problem of overproduction currently plagues with nearly 30 per cent of fashion goods produced going unsold. Additionally, over 50 per cent of fast fashion sold is thrown out less than a year later, with 12.8 million ton of clothing annually dumped into landf... Read more

Tackling denim sustainability through blockchain

Tackling denim sustainability through blockchain

"One of the most popular types of clothing around the world, denim is also one of environmentally hazardous garments. A case in point is the river delta in China whose water turned blue from the washing of jeans from thenearby denim factories. Lately, many brands trying to arrive at a common consensus on the issue of s... Read more

New Age innovations turn unusual materials like milk, oranges int…

New Age innovations turn unusual materials like milk, oranges into textiles

"Bolt Threads’ recently entered into a collaboration with Ecovative for growing faux animal leather from mycelium, mushrooms’ underground root structure. They grow the cells with other nutrients in corn stalk beds, compressing the structure into a two-dimensional material, and then tanning it with English b... Read more

Brands focus on repair rather than replace to increase sustainabi…

Brands focus on repair rather than replace to increase sustainability

"The fast-pace of our modern life makes it increasingly difficult to sustain the life of our garments even after producing them in the most environmentally friendly manner as possible. They end up in the garbage dumps quickly. For a long time, the industry has been greatly impacted by this use and disposal of clothing.... Read more

Sustainability, AI, social media tools to determine future fashio…

Sustainability, AI, social media tools to determine future fashion trends

"A number of brands will actively engage themselves in improving their eco-footprint in 2019. Younger consumers will align themselves with businesses that support their values. This includes tracing the origin of products, its manufacturing technique and impact on environment. Recycled fashion will become more popular,... Read more

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Target joins CanopyStyle initiative

Target has joined the CanopyStyle initiative which is gaining serious industry traction among p... Read more

Kering launches new website

Kering has launched a new website. Conceived as the group’s digital showcase, this new we... Read more

UN launches new initiative ‘UN Alliance for Sustainable Fashion’

The United Nations has launched a new alliance aimed at uniting businesses to combat the fashio... Read more

H&M to stop using conventional cashmere

Swedish retailer H&M plans to phase out the use of conventional cashmere in its collections... Read more

Ten new innovators join Fashion for Good-Plug and Play Accelerator

Ten new innovators have been selected to join the Fashion for Good-Plug and Play Accelerator. T... Read more

Burberry pledges to eliminate plastic by 2025.

The fashion giant will ensure that all of its future plastic packaging is either reusable, recy... Read more

Brands, manufacturers looking at a closed loop chain

Some forward-thinking brands are aiming at creating a closed-loop textile supply chain. To brin... Read more

Report highlights wools’ damaging environmental impact

A recent “Pulse of the Fashion Industry” report shows, sheep farming, just like cat... Read more

BCI experiences historic uptake in 2018

Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) experienced a historic uptake in 2018 as 93 retailers and brands... Read more

Arvind Envisol mulls water treatment plant in Bangladesh

Arvind Envisol plans to execute water treatment projects in Bangladesh, whose economy depends h... Read more

Adidas hikes recycling goals, aims to reduce greenhouse gas by 30 by 2030

Apparel brand Adidas is focusing on corporate social responsibility. Sustainability at Adidas g... Read more

Brands take to using smart materials with increased focus on sustainability

Key and influencing brands are demonstrating how smart materials are able to deliver eco hi-tec... Read more

Government awards KG Fabriks for sustainability

KG Fabriks has bagged the first prize for ‘Water Conservation’ at the National Wate... Read more

Primark launches sustainable jeans

High street fashion retailer Primark has launched a range of women’s skinny jeans made us... Read more

GOTS gets wide acceptance globally

The number of Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified facilities has increased 14.6 pe... Read more

Lenzing quits Chinese sustainability collaboration group

Lenzing Nanjing Fibers has decided to leave the Chinese Collaboration for Sustainable Developme... Read more

AIC-NIFTTEA Incubation Centre to collaborate with CIRCOT for salt-free dyei…

AIC-NIFTTEA Incubation Centre for Textiles and Apparels will join hands with ICAR-Central Insti... Read more

Turkey hosts GOTS seminar

A Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) seminar was held in Turkey, February 18, 2019. The on... Read more

Sinterama, a specialist in polyester yarns

Sinterama offers specialist polyester yarns, serving the market for customised solutions. Base... Read more

Kingpins demands CSR conformity

Kingpins will ask denim spinners who exhibit at its next Amsterdam edition to comply with, or e... Read more

C.L.A.S.S organises conference on fashion sustainability

C.L.A.S.S will organise the third edition of “Rethinking Fashion Sustainability” co... Read more

Dyeing units sealed in UP, India

Six textile dyeing industrial units in UP have been sealed. They were found to be operating wit... Read more

The fallouts of exponential growth in fashion consumption

Fashion is one of the largest industries in the world, producing 100 billion garments a year. T... Read more

Bangladesh demands fair prices from US and EU brands

Recently Bangladesh Commerce Minister Tipu Munshi and Bangladesh High Commissioner to the Unite... Read more

Bestseller focuses on sustainability

Bestseller has placed sustainability at the core of its business. The new strategy called Fash... Read more

Lenzing-Hyosung collaborate for a sustainable fabric collection

Earlier this year, global fibre producers Lenzing and Hyosung jointly developed a new sustainab... Read more

Coats launches sustainability strategy

Coats’ sustainability report, ‘Pioneering a sustainable future’, launches a s... Read more

Global Fashion Agenda gets associate partners

Five companies are Global Fashion Agenda’s associate partners. These are Crystal, Erdos,... Read more

VF Corp once again lauded for ethics

Ethisphere has for the third successive year ranked VF Corporation among the most ethical compa... Read more

South African brand Sappi joins SAC

Sappi has joined the Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC). Sappi will use the group’s sust... Read more

The costs of fast fashion

Fast fashion is taking the fashion industry by storm with cheap prices and staying up to date w... Read more

Germany-based CHT phases out formaldehyde

Specialty textile chemicals supplier CHT has seen a spike in demand for formaldehyde-free binde... Read more

EAC publishes report on UK’s fashion industry waste

The Environmental Audit Committee (EAC) published its report on the fashion industry and the wa... Read more

Future Fashion Factory program aims at improving UK supply chain

A new program launched in the UK aims at improving speed, productivity and sustainability in th... Read more

Australian Circular Fashion to introduce national clothing take-back scheme

The second edition of the Australian Circular Fashion will focus on introducing a national clot... Read more

Isko hosts Responsible Denim event

World’s largest producer of denim, Isko hosted a ‘Responsible Denim’ gatherin... Read more

UK to impose tax on fast fashion brands/retailers

Fast fashion retailers in the UK may be taxed to fund an annual recycling program. The taxation... Read more

Nike cuts water use in its supply chain

By working together with its supplier, Nike has managed to slash the use of water during cotton... Read more

Consumers prefer sustainable over fast fashion

A new survey by Fashion Retail Academy in London reveals, shoppers are increasingly opting for ... Read more

Eastman joins circular economy with Class

Eastman has partnered with C.L.A.S.S. (Creativity Lifestyle And Sustainable Synergy), based in ... Read more

UK pushes for recycled fibers

Clothing companies in the UK that design products with lower environmental impacts may be rewar... Read more

EAC recommends responsibility charge on clothing

The Environmental Audit Committee (EAC) report has called for a one penny producer responsibili... Read more

Eurovet Group to join program with sequagGMBH

Eurovet Group will join the programme of the German Federal Ministry for Economic ... Read more

Asics launches recycling program

Japanese sportswear company Asics, is collaborating with the Charity I:Collect on a sports appa... Read more

Asics to recycle used sports apparels and footwear

Japanese sportswear company Asics, is collaborating with the Charity I:Collect on a sports appa... Read more

New York NGO recycles textiles unsuitable for donation

Enter Fabscrap, a non-profit organisation is dedicated to recycling and reusing textiles that a... Read more

Almost 40 fashion brands commit to COP 24 ‘Fashion Industry Charter’

The COP 24 Climate Conference in Katowice marked a major step forward in the fashion segment as... Read more

Hanes Brands lauded for its climate initiatives

Hanes Brands has earned an A- score and taken a leadership position in the CDP 2018 Climate Cha... Read more

Digital textile printing saves 40 billion liters of water in 2018

Digital textile printing saved over 40 billion liters of water worldwide in 2018. It offered g ... Read more

Viscose poses threat to habitats globally

Poor waste management of viscose factories not only pollutes nearby waters and air but causes w... Read more

Sourcing at Magic focuses on water conservation, tariffs, and trade

The trials and changes presently facing supply chains may have spurred attendance at Sourcing a... Read more

Textile and apparel companies turn to water saving methods

Companies like Taylor Home & Fashion and Lenzing are working on reducing water use. Taylor ... Read more

New UK report measures financial viability of closed loop fashion

A new report evaluated the financial viability of using post-consumer clothing and textiles as ... Read more

The CanopyStyle initiatives adds new members

The CanopyStyle initiative has reached 170 brand partners with the addition of companies Abercr... Read more

The Big Plastics Debate to discuss future of plastics

To be hosted on the dedicated Ecopack stage, The Big Plastics Debate will welcome industry expe... Read more

Pure London will go plastic-free

Pure London will replace speakers’ plastic water bottles with sustainable glass ones, get... Read more

Greenpeace cautions, fast fashion creates waste

The rise of fast fashion has not only changed shopping habits but has led to the creation of mo... Read more