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Sustainable materials, certifications driving apparel industry

Sustainable materials, certifications driving apparel industry

"More and more companies are acquiring industry materials and manufacturing certifications as a part of their sustainability goals and brand building. The latest include the Oeko-Tex’s Eco Passport certification, recognised as a Level 3 ZDHC MRSL Conformance Indicator for the ZDHC Roadmap to Zero Program. This sh... Read more

Need for Fast fashion retailers to tighten their eco goals

Need for Fast fashion retailers to tighten their eco goals

"A new report by Changing Markets Foundation on sustainability has yet again brought fast fashion retailers under scanner as the biggest pollutants. The report concludes that many firms are still not doing enough to ensure sustainability of their textile supply chains. While there has been bold leadership from some ret... Read more

Companies moving towards responsible viscose production

Companies moving towards responsible viscose production

"A by-product of spinning, hydrogen sulphide (H2S) is a toxic gas that causes eye irritation, function impairment, and neurobehavioural changes. The toxic gas smells of rotten eggs. Other harmful chemical for health and environment are: Sodium hydroxide (NaOH) and sulphuric acid (H2SO4). NaOH is highly toxic if absorbe... Read more

Next-Gen textiles fastrack development in fiber and fabrics

Next-Gen textiles fastrack development in fiber and fabrics

"One of most striking examples is the development and widespread commercial usage of Unifi Inc.’s Repreve polyester fiber made from recycled post-consumer plastic water bottles. Two years ago, Unifi opened a bottle processing facility in Reidsville, N.C., to convert plastic bottles into polyester fiber and yarn, ... Read more

Burberry reinventing wheels of success, focuses on sustainability

Burberry reinventing wheels of success, focuses on sustainability

"Counterfeiting is a huge risk to fashion companies and is reportedly worth $450 billion. According to the UK’s Anti-Counterfeiting Group, counterfeiting and theft of intellectual property fuels drugs smuggling and cases of human trafficking. The Burberry statement says the company has careful processes in place ... Read more

SAC’s Higg Materials Tool aids designers in assessing environment…

SAC’s Higg Materials Tool aids designers in assessing environmental impact

"The Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC) has announced an update to the Higg Materials Sustainability Index (Higg MSI), a tool that enables the apparel, footwear, and textile industry to assess the environmental impact of materials used in global manufacturing. With the most recent update, businesses around the world c... Read more

Microfibers, both natural and synthetic emerge top global polluta…

Microfibers, both natural and synthetic emerge top global pollutants

"These fibers, made from polyester or other popular synthetics, often linger in the environment, just like plastic packaging that coats so many of the world’s beaches. They also bond to chemical pollutants in the environment, such as DDT and PCB. Additionally, the fact that the textiles from which they are shed a... Read more

Leatherworld Paris to open on September 17

Leatherworld Paris to open on September 17

"With Leatherworld Paris, Messe Frankfurt France intends to launch equivalent flexible materials such as fake fur - the quality and technical properties of which have improved considerably to the point of providing competition for genuine fur. This inclusion in Leatherworld has generated tremendous response with clothi... Read more

Focus on sustainability as global apparel brands shift to eco-fib…

Focus on sustainability as global apparel brands shift to eco-fibres

"To keep up to the sustainable promise, apparel companies need to invest in finding cotton alternatives. These solutions need to be holistic and intentional, designed to alter the status quo, points out Anita Chester, Head of Sustainable Raw Materials at C&A Foundation. For her, collaboration is the key. Talking ab... Read more

VF Corp going strong on sustainability agenda

VF Corp going strong on sustainability agenda

"VF Corp, which owns 27 brands, including The North Face, Timberland, Vans, Wrangler, Lee and Napapijri, went through a complete transformation in 2016 to become a performance-driven, purpose-led business, which is based on sustainability and consumer-centric retail. Martino Scabbia Guerrini, EMEA President, VF Corp, r... Read more

Rising Transparency: A sharp increase in AGT’s list of compliant …

Rising Transparency: A sharp increase in AGT’s list of compliant companies

"As per The Dutch Agreement on Sustainable Garments and Textile (AGT), currently there are 4,268 production sites in India where participating companies produced goods in the past year. This sharp rise in the number of production sites is a result of more companies signing up the Agreement, as well as them gaining insi... Read more

Lenzing carves a new sustainability chapter with Veocel in nonwov…

Lenzing carves a new sustainability chapter with Veocel in nonwovens

"The Lenzing Group introduces Veocel, the company’s new nonwoven specialty brand. Positioned as a premium brand of nonwoven fibres for daily care rituals, Veocel provides the nonwoven industry with fibers that are certified clean and safe, biodegradable, from botanic origin and produced in an environmentally resp... Read more

REI comes up with stringent sustainability norms for suppliers

REI comes up with stringent sustainability norms for suppliers

"With growing eco-landscape, retail giant REI has come up with a new set of sustainability standards, which will apply to 1,000-plus outdoor brands it sells currently, and the ones it will sell in the future. With immediate effect, companies will need to abide by the code of conduct, pledging to uphold environmental an... Read more

Style at a Cost: Deforestation, environment damage a price we pay…

Style at a Cost: Deforestation, environment damage a price we pay for fashion

"Garments, traditionally made from animal furs, are increasingly being replaced by synthetic materials, causing large scale deforestation. For instance, a wool sweater, earlier made from animal hair, is now being made from cotton or nylon yarn. Coats are being stuffed with goose down or synthetic insulation depending o... Read more

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Wrangler introduces foam-dyed jeans to reduce eco hazards

Denim brand Wrangler has introduced foam-dyed jeans to lessen environmental impact and save pre... Read more

Patagonia keeps its focus on sustainability goals

US-based brand Patagonia, is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, defending clean wa... Read more

Hong Kong mill Novetex uses innovative ways to separate fabric blends

Novetex, a Honk Kong-based textile spinning mill is harnessing pioneering recycling technology ... Read more

Wrangler to introduce eco-friendly denim using innovative foam-dyeing proce…

American denim brand Wrangler will release a line of denim made using a new eco-friendly foam-d... Read more

Adriano Goldschmied to launch denim knit tee at Denim Days

Adriano Goldschmied, known as the godfather of denim, will launch his limited edition of Godfat... Read more

Adidas producing products from ocean waste

Parley for the Oceans, a nonprofit, has collaborated with Adidas to produce textiles from ocean... Read more

Apparel recycling gains traction in the US

The average North American throws away over 80 lbs. of clothing a year. Most of this clothing s... Read more

Textile Exchange, KPMG develop sustainable roadmap for textiles

Non-profit organisation Textile Exchange in association with auditor KPMG has developed the Sus... Read more

Washing clothes releases microfibers

More than a third of all microplastics released into the oceans are from synthetic textiles use... Read more

Swiss company makes reactor to turn textile waste to biofuel

A new type of reactor made of a textile material has found its way into the market in different... Read more

Burberry tops 2018 Dow Jones Sustainability Index ratings

Burberry is the leading luxury brand in the 2018 Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI). The ind... Read more

UK institute advocates action to control textile pollution

The Institution of Mechanical Engineers an influential UK-based association has called on the t... Read more

KPMG, Textile Exchange report recommends implementation of SDGs

In the new 70+ page briefing, KPMG notes the $2.5 billion apparel industry is well positioned t... Read more

Australian designer Tess Whitefort wins Redress Design Award

Australian designer Tess Whitfort has won the Redress Design Award showing her sustainable coll... Read more

Ecolabel guides consumers about environmentally conscious products

The EU Ecolabel promotes products that have a low environmental impact across their entire life... Read more

Intradeco gets Repreve(R) Champions of Sustainability Award

Intradeco Apparel has been given the Repreve®'s Champions of Sustainability Award. The awar... Read more

Italian firm Brugnoli wins Munich Fabric Start’s High Tex awards

Italian jersey producer Brugnoli, has attained first place in Munich Fabric Start’s High ... Read more

Monarch and BMSvision to develop MES for circular knitting industry

Monarch, a leading supplier of high-end circular knitting machines, and BMSvision have entered ... Read more

Around 67 Bangladesh factories obtain LEED certification

In Bangladesh, 67 green garment factories have already obtained LEED (Leadership in Energy and ... Read more

Green technologies can ensure green processing of cotton

A collaborative research between scientists in Kerala, and Florida has utilised supercritical c... Read more

Isko event to showcase sustainable fashion in London

Drapers Sustainable Fashion, to be held on March 14, 2019 in London, will bring together the mo... Read more

BFC to organise fur-free London Fashion Week

The British Fashion Council (BFC), a non-profit trade organisation, will hold a fur-free London... Read more

Swedish brand H&M devises water strategy with WWF

H&M has collaborated on a water strategy with WWF. The aim is to enable the company to beco... Read more

Hong Kong’s recycling mill produces yarn from old clothes

An upcycling mill has opened in Hong Kong. It produces recycled yarn spun out of old, discarded... Read more

Circular economy is the new buzz word in textiles

With emphasis placed on responsible manufacturing and sourcing, circular economy is the new eco... Read more

Jeanologia comes up with two new collections

Jeanologia has introduced the sustainable concept to the textile industry through two innovativ... Read more

IFM, Global Fashion Agenda collaborate for sustainable fashion

Institut français de la mode (IFM, the French Fashion Institute) and the Global Fashion ... Read more

India:RIL develops RElan and creates fashion from bottles

Reliance Industries in association with the United Nations and House of Anita Dongre has develo... Read more

Australian and New Zealand-based companies team up for sustainability

Australian fashion technology firm BlockTexx will collaborate with New Zealand-based textile re... Read more

France and Denmark to sign MoU on sustainable fashion

Global Fashion Agency and French fashion school Insitute Francais de la Model will sign an MoU ... Read more

Canadian brand Gildan to make better apparels by focusing on labor rights

In an assessment carried across the company last year, Canadian apparel manufacturer Gildan has... Read more

Australians’ clothing throwaway at its extreme

In Australia, the fast fashion sector has grown by 19.5 per cent over five years. Almost a qua... Read more

EU Initiative to create awareness on hazardous chemicals in textiles

Life AskReach-an initiative funded by the European Union’s LIFE Programme aims to collabo... Read more

UK agency WRAP identifies innovative business model for clothes

WRAP, the UK’s resource efficiency agency, has identified leasing as an innovative busine... Read more

Spinnova does fiber innovation

Spinnova, based in Finland, is a sustainable fiber company developing textile fiber directly ou... Read more

Cotton preferred to synthetics

Over the years, the outdoor market has become loaded with synthetic apparel, which shed tiny mi... Read more

REACH regulation criticised by European textile groups

European textile groups are blaming the REACH regulation for the relocation of the European tex... Read more

Fashion Summit HK 2018 to focus on circular economy

Fashion Summit HK 2018, set to be Asia’s largest sustainable fashion conference, will foc... Read more

Sri Lanka emerges a pioneer in ethical fashion

Sri Lanka is South Asia’s pioneer in ethical fashion. For the Lankan apparel industry, su... Read more

RIL partners Arvind to make high performance fabrics

Reliance Industries (RIL), as a part of RIL’s Hub Excellence Partners (HEP) Program, has ... Read more

Kering valuates environmental impact of its operations

Luxury retailer Kering which owns like Gucci and Alexander McQueen, has published its latest En... Read more

Australia’s Nanollose introduces innovative method to produce rayon

Nanollose has come up with an innovative method to produce rayon. Instead of cutting down trees... Read more

Amfori partners CII to boost sustainability

Amfori and the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) will cooperate in the areas of sustainabi... Read more

Monfort’s eco innovations a boost for denim manufacturers

Monfort, the number one supplier of finishing ranges to the global denim industry, has come up ... Read more

BCI works with 350 brands to boost sustainable cotton production

Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) and brand members are committed to supporting a more sustainable... Read more

Dutch brand Botter focuses on ocean pollution

Dutch fashion brand Botter has made a unique, environment-centric fashion statement. It has com... Read more

Inditex does recycling in China

Inditex will start an at-home pick up service in China for recycling garments in September. The... Read more

Green’s the way to go boost apparel exports in Bangladesh

Bangladesh feels by building its image as a green industry in the global market the country&rsq... Read more

China draws up green supply map for apparel suppliers

The Green Supply Chain Map has top notch brands as its members. This is an online transparency ... Read more

Orta makes a mark with its sustainable cotton and denim dyeing process

Demand is growing around the world for Orta Anadolu’s sustainable cotton fabrics. The com... Read more

DuPont, Bluesign team up for bio-based, high-performance polymer Sorona

DuPont Industrial Biosciences has collaborated with bluesign® for bio-based, high-performan... Read more

Waking up to the dangers of viscose

Luxury houses, retailers and brands don’t seem to be bothered about viscose’s impac... Read more

Levi’s to cut greenhouse emissions by 40 per cent

Levi’s plans to reduce 40 per cent of greenhouse gas emissions in its supply chain by 202... Read more

Importance of using preferred fibres stressed at Texworld USA

Panelists at Texworld USA recently discussed the importance of using preferred fibres. The disc... Read more

Vietnam denim show highlights latest trends in denim

Denim and Jeans show was held in Vietnam from June 27 to 28. The event brought together latest ... Read more

UN proposes to shift textile production to biogradable textiles

A new United Nations initiative that aims to make forests more fashionable has proposed that te... Read more

China and EU move toward circular economy

China and the European Union (EU) have signed a MoU on circular economy. This implies reducing ... Read more